First daffodils at Low Hall

The first daffodils at Low Hall opened fully on 9 March 2011.  This  photograph was taken this afternoon, just opposite Low Hall Cottage.

First daffodils at Low Hall

They will be the first of many.  The daffodils that line the drive are ready to flower.

There are other glimpses of spring.  The light, though changeable is very clear and beautiful, and early in the morning. With the mist still on the mountains it gives a sense of a mysterious, mythical  landscape, layer upon layer of pale gold.  A great start to the working day! The patterns of light and shade are wonderful for taking atmospheric photographs.

View from Low Hall Cottage parking area

Walking down the drive last week, we caught the sunset which was beautiful.  Life dosn’t get better than this.

Sunset at Low Hall

   Sunset is the best time to see barn owls, I am told by my resident expert advisor.  We did not see one on this occasion (probably heard our footsteps and conversation and made a quick getaway), but we have had numerous sightings over recent weeks.

Talking of twilight animals, there is also what looks like a new badger set just beyond the wall at the far end of Low Hall Cottage garden.  One of these evenings we may go down through the woods to watch for these shy creatures.

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