sunshine, showers, sheep and flowers

The weather has been very changeable.  After strong winds and heavy rain, everything looks washed new, bright and fresh. The sunshine today was so warm and full of spring, I found myself outside with the camera again.  All the daffodils are out on the banks of Little Sandy Beck, as it flows through the garden of Low Hall Cottage.

  The sun was warm on my back.  Each year, there is a  magic to these first days of warm sun on my back, a burst of hope mixed with a dollop of wellbeing…the sun has a sort of sneaky sparkle to it as all that colour begins to creep back into the landscape.  A different quality to the winter sunlight.  (the photograph below was taken at Low Hall Cottage two weeks ago)

Some of the daffodils still had raindrops on them, so as the sunbeams caught them they dazzled like tiny lights-not easy to catch on the camera, but magical in real life.

The stream was in spate after the rain, adding extra sparkle and sound effects.  I find something deeply soothing about the sound of running water.

Then…..yes…..not only sunshine, not only streamsounds, not only jewel like dewdrops sparkling on golden headed stems, but sheep, with their newborn lambs on the field next door.

Yes, this is the view.  Today.  2nd April 2011.  At Low Hall.

And yes, there are some days worth getting out of bed for, whoever you are, and whatever else the world holds……

PS The periwinkles, primroses and pansies are all in flower.  The cowslips are almost out.  The sun is still shining.

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